My passion is to share the far reaching benefits of yoga with all members of the community...

Let me guide you towards finding the Yoga practice suited to your individual needs.

New classes:

Marlow, Gentle Yoga for All (ladies only class) Fridays, 10.30am (see Gentle yoga page)

Marlow, Beginners course, running every 6 weeks, Tuesdays 9.30am (See Hatha Marlow page)

London Yoga class, All levels, Wednesdays 10.30am, Westway Sports Centre, W10 (see Hatha London page)

With over 18 years experience in Classical Yoga and working with a wide range of conditions pioneering the Adaptive Yoga approach in the UK,  I will be delighted to guide you on your yoga journey, whether you seek a physical challenge or need a therapeutic approach, whether planting the seeds of Yoga as a self-care tool in childhood, or reaping the never-ending benefits as you face different challenges with age...

There is a practice for each stage of life, state of health and it is my passion to share it all with you.