Bring Yoga to your office and maximize your time by fitting in a class (lunch break or after work) into your working day. I can help you promote and set up the class within your company (or several companies within the same building). 

Six participants minimum are required to get started. Classes are 1 hour long and courses run over 6 week. The cost of class is of £10 per person (sliding scale as the number of participants increases).

I have extensive experience in corporate yoga, be it in teaching large groups over their lunchtime break, one-to-one at home when paid for by the company or a small office group to help relieve stress from demanding jobs.

Some of my clients have included Gugner Partners (Hedge Fund), Dow Jones (Finance), Fishburn and Hedge (Marketing), True Visions TV (award winning tv production company) and Queens Park Rangers football team.

Benefits from a regular Yoga practice:

  • Improve physical performance in other sports.
  • Increase stamina and boost the immune system.
  • Relieve mental stress and increase focus.
  • Develop greater suppleness to ensure better posture in the work place.
Fredee does not only teach you yoga very well, she also lives for it. Whether you see it as a demanding sport or as a gentle therapy to build up a solid health condition or as a way to increase your mental focus and body awareness, Fredee is definitely the best teacher you can think of! I was first looking at yoga as a way to recover from a lung accident and get a normal breathing again. The teaching experience I have had with Fredee not only got me back on track but also enabled me to acquire various techniques to be more efficient at work and better manage stressful situations. Fredee is a conscientious professional who keeps track of your body history so that the effects of her yoga get increasingly more beneficial to you. This goes with a high level of spirituality and mind awareness. Give it a go and you will surely find what you are looking for!
— Jacques, 31, Financial Analyst, London