Attending Fredee’s yoga classes has been a truly inspiring experience. Fredee has a knack for adapting her classes to suit the audience and takes great care with each of her students. Through her classes, I have learnt to engage both the physical and spiritual elements into my yoga practice.
— Muctarr
The yoga classes with Fredee are a pure delight. I particularly love the language she uses, her professional and assertive tone, clear instructions wrapped in love and care with some humour all around. Just listening to Fredee’s voice guiding the class through a unique journey each time is very powerful.
— Mathilde
Frederique teaches with a free spirit while remaining classic in her approach and respectful of the pure yoga tradition. I particularly appreciate her sense of spirituality and compassion which always emerges from her teaching.
— Danielle, retired Yoga teacher
I’ve taken yoga classes in three countries and I can honestly say Fredee is the best yoga teacher I’ve ever had. Every class with Fredee is different than the last, as she tailors each session to the mood and needs of the group. I always leave class with my spirit uplifted and body relaxed.
— Kristen
Fredee has a sensitivity and knowledge about the body that is the most perfect complement to her teaching. You feel at once at ease but also challenged. She is an extraordinary teacher and she has helped me take my practice to a deeper level of understanding. I feel very lucky to have met her.
— Emma, Yoga teacher and Adaptive Yoga UK Trustee
Thank you so much for having me along in the Adaptive Yoga class last night. I really enjoyed meeting everyone, it was very interesting and I learned a lot. You are very clear and encouraging, not only to the class but also to the beginner teachers - thank you for your guidance!
— Anna, Yoga Teacher Trainee
Having never done yoga before I was a bit apprehensive about joining a class, however Fredee immediately dispelled any concerns I had about my ability or fitting in. Her patient teaching, thoughtful guidance and respectful and gentle correction have led me to make real progress in my practice, yet always at my own pace. She also has a great sense of humour making class enjoyable and fun. I can’t imagine doing yoga with anyone else!
— Carrie
From an old diary of 2002 I see that I have been doing Yoga with you since then without a break, so yoga must be doing something great for my body, mind and spirit. What else can I say?
— Kathy, very dedicated student in her late seventies
One of life’s sweet pleasures is to join Fredee for one of her yoga sessions. There is immediately a wonderful sense of peace, tranquillity and a unity of spirit and soul. She has the ability to help you heal, restore, find joy and total relaxation all in one. If you really want to find a spiritual level in your yoga do join her. She is amazing and has a wonderful gift to share.
— Penny