Here are few simple guidelines to follow for a yoga class, to ensure a pleasant experience for yourself and fellow participants.

  •  Please fill in the registration form on the contact page before your first class.
  • Arrive for class on time, allowing enough time to sign in and set up your practice space (Occasionally, we all arrive late, due to unforeseen circumstances. Classes always start with a quiet centering. Please do ensure that you either wait outside till the centering is finished or come in very quietly, sit down, join in, this is not the time to set up, you can do so afterwards).
  • If you need to leave early, inform the teacher at the start of class and make sure you leave before Savasana (the relaxation at the end and centering at the beginning of class require absolute silence).
  • Wear loose comfortable clothing. We practice barefoot (special yoga socks are best avoided). Ensure your body, clothes and mat are clean and odour free.
  • Make sure you have the required yoga kit for classes where equipment is not provided.
  • Yoga is best practiced on an empty stomach, try not to eat in the 3 hours before class.
  • Notify the teacher if you are pregnant, menstruating, have suffered a miscarriage, are on medication, have any injury or illness. 
  • Practice is the chance for you to honour your personal needs within the boundaries of the group class. Never feel that what you can do is not enough. If somehow you have joined a class not suited to your level, I’ll be happy to discuss it with you afterwards. Overall, it takes about 6 week of regular practice to start feeling we’re “getting it”, like learning a new language some of it will come naturally, some of it will take time, be kind and patient with yourself.