Yoga can also be used in a therapeutic manner to address specific injuries or illnesses.

My personal interest in bodywork and natural therapies as a means to restore balance to body and mind has led me to refine my understanding of how to use Classical Hatha Yoga to help overcome general ailments and injuries. I work with a wide range of students suffering from insomnia, fertility issues, spinal injuries, IBS, brain injury (and partial loss of mobility), depression etc.

This approach is suitable in a one-to-on set-up only and requires a committed regular practice. I will slowly and safely help you develop a personal practice to enable you to further recover and consolidate the progress made.

Remedial Yoga Classes can take place in the comfort of your home or from my place in Marlow.

I have been a keen student and lover of yoga for 15 years. I am also a qualified teacher. Somehow along the way I caused an injury to my lower back which affected my right leg and made both walking and standing uncomfortable. For 5 years I was aware of this condition. I had a 90 minute session with Fredee and she has improved the condition more than any doctor, osteopath, chiropractor, yoga teacher or masseur I had seen. She taught me better ways to stand and walk and has made me think again about how I do asanas. Since my first class, I honestly do not feel my asana practice will ever be the same again and I look forward to working further with Fredee.
— Jonathon
I just wanted to write a quick note about how much I felt my yoga sessions were helping me to turn my life around after virtual physical and mental breakdown. Both my parents died in the last year. Losing both in such quick succession and nursing my hitherto strong father through brutal cancer, was such a shock to me that I seemed to go into meltdown. My body was jolted into premature menopause due to stress and despair even though I am only thirty nine. I was told it was extremely unlikely that I would ever have children. So I became very unfit, grief stricken and depressed. Fredee was recommended to me and I immediately embraced yoga. Fredee always asks me questions about my mental and physical state, so we work each week on something different depending what is needed. We work one on one so it is always at my own pace. Fredee and the yoga have been such a help mentally as much as physically. It’s made me feel strong again, like I am able to cope and that I won’t be overwhelmed by depression. Sometimes after sessions I become very emotional, as if the stretching has released something blocked inside. Other times I come away from the sessions feeling very energised feeling much more empowered and physically strong. I think my yoga sessions are helping to get back on track. Fredee seems to be able to tap into what I need each time,because each time my needs are different, and after each session I edge closer to feeling more like myself again. I cannot recommend yoga with Fredee highly enough.
— Bridget, Journalist