I am offering 3 Spring workshops on our doorstep and have found a lovely venue a 3 min drive from Cliveden: The Positivity Centre (just off the M40, J3, Burnham, details at bottom)

Saturday April 13th: 10am to 13.00, CULTIVATING THE SWEETNESS OF THE POSE

£36 Limited to 15 participants, email me to book.

We will focus on how to awaken the sensations of inner body in order to find greater ease in our classical asanas (yoga poses). So for a lot of you, something we often look at in class, but here a chance to go into depth about it, use props, the wall, partner work to reveal the relief within the poses.

The 3 hours will be split between the following aspects of practice:

Asana, Meditation, pranayama and Yoga Nidra (long guided savasana) 1h.

General level workshop

It is a great opportunity to try out what a few hours of exploration yield in terms of long term  learning and effects.

Monday April 29th: MINI DAY RETREAT, yoga & intentional creativity: the sacred geometry of  Mandalas 

10am to 3.30pm, a 4h workshop + 1h lunch break.

£ 55 including art supplies (if you have a compass at home please bring it along)

Limited space, 15 participants, email me back to book

Join me for a day of pure pleasure, a chance to bring yoga, meditation, relaxation and intentional creativity together. A mini retreat fits in with your day's obligations but allows you to feel fully refreshed. A win win for everyone living a fast paced life.

This is something i have explored as my secret garden for years and am now ready to share with you all.

The morning session, 2hs, will focus on the yoga, meditation and relaxation practice, setting up the scene for the creative afternoon.

There's a lunchtime class in the studio, it'll give you time for lunch (1h) and to get together and start discussing and preparing the creative process and enjoy being in the creative zone till we finish at 3.30pm.

As someone who always had the desire to be creative but always felt "i wasn't good enough" to draw/paint etc, i have found incredible satisfaction in intentional creativity, where the process is greater than the outcome. It links in beautifully with all the principles explored in our yoga practice, the journey over the destination... And I have no doubt we will see unbelievably beautiful results.

All you need is to know how to draw simple shapes: lines, curves, circles, drops, etc...

Come and taste the magic of when physical expression meets our creativity.

Bring a packed lunch, cafe on site for refreshments.

Saturday May 11th, 10am to 13.00. INVERSIONS!!!


Limited space: 15 participants, email me back to book.

It says it all ! We'll take the time to pick apart the 3 main inversions used in classes: headstand, shoulder stand and handstand. 

This is a fantastic opportunity to become familiar with them all and feel more confident in practicing them in our weekly classes.

You can opt out of anything, as always, but each will be a gradual build up.

If you have a Feet Up stool at home plz bring it along.

Workshop will also include pranayama, meditation and yoga nidra.

Level required: regular practice with me and no medical condition restricting your ability to invert, or take weight on the upper spine/neck (ask me if in doubt as to whether suitable for you).

Voila, I feel greatly excited to share all this with you and look forward to seeing your practice expand deeper, further.

Venue details: Positivity Centre, Nashdom lane, Burnham, SL1 8NJ (worth checking link below for access info)


The studio is equipped w yoga props, but you may want to bring your usual yoga kit anyhow.