The root of my teachings lies in Classical hatha

The greatest guidance and influence on how I teach is based on the Iyengar approach. Over the years my interests have veered towards yoga therapy, to help me work with people living with a variety of conditions, physical and mental.

My main intention is to use Yoga as a tool to help restore balance to the body and nervous system and increase our general sense of well -being. By adapting the practice to the individual's needs I seek to equip my students to carry on with a self-practice in a safe and enjoyable way.

My teaching style combines attention to alignment along the principles of the Iyengar tradition and allowing the body to find its own way of opening up, remembering that each one of us combines strength and tension in our own unique pattern. It is through guiding you to understand your own blueprint that I will lead you into releasing tension when needs be, building up strength where appropriate, whilst keeping awareness of how your practice is affecting you energetically, emotionally and mentally.

Prepare to feel challenged at times physically, at others mentally, safely guided, as I will encourage you to make the link between the experience on your yoga mat and the challenges we all face in daily life... A class is a chance to address our “human suffering” in its wide range of expressions all in a lighthearted spirit, with the greatest kindness of heart and with a touch of humor to leave you feeling refreshed and inspired to carry on exploring

In the last four years I further specialised in Adaptive Yoga, to open up my teachings to anyone living with mobility disability, long term illness or trauma,  based on the teachings of Matthew Sanford (Mind Body Solutions founder and leading voice in Adaptive Yoga).

More recently I also trained in Yoga for Children with Learning Difficulties, which allows me to bring yoga into schools and further open up the range of students I can share the gifts of yoga with.